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On the 9th of december 2012, the HDD containing the website code and SQL server crashed. While I had up-to-date backups of all SQL databases, I did not have a recent backup of the Website Code.

The last 6 months, I changed quite a bit to the site, and all those changes were lost (including the code for my own SMS gateway). I've decided to re-build small parts at a time, in a new layout (every time I build a new layout, I think of new stuff I want to do, so this gives me a good excuse to do so), using Twitter Bootstrap as the UI framework, offering a nice responsive website (yay for smartphone and tablet users!).

Almost a year later...2013-10-15 20:05

Damn, I've been so busy, that this site hasn't had an update in almoast a year. The most important piece has been functioning without a hitch, but still; it would be nice to do a bit more :)

I'm planning to invest some time to start adding back content in the coming time, but since we're expecting a new addition to the family soon, who knows if I will actually get around to do so... At least my intentions are good :)



Note; the text above was written on oktober the 15th 2013, but I didn't get around to upload a new version of the site untill march 23rd, 2014...


Whenever I have time, I'd love to write about all sorts of things.

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Ever since I've purchased my iPad, I've been hooked on it, and I love writing about some of the gems I come across.

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Music has been a passion of mine since I was little, and I love listening to the radio to discover new songs.

If I discover a new song, I'll be sure to post a youtube or vimeo links for you to enjoy.

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I have been programming software for over 15 years now and I still love it as much as the day I started programming.

While programming, you might run into problems, weird mechanics or otherwise interesting conventions. I plan to write about them as I come across them.

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I've dedicated some time to offer a few nice services, free of charge!

I've summed up a few of the most popular services for you.

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Thomson / SpeedTouch WPA Key Lookup

Thomson is a manufacturer of WiFi modems for a lot of European ISP's, but there is a weakness in their default password algorithm.

My lookup service allows you to easily lookup the password for Thomson modems (used in many countries around the world under different names), as featured on the Dutch News.

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WoordJacht is the Dutch version of an iOS/Android/Mac OS word game that I liked to play a lot.

Long story short: I decyphered the client-server communication, which allows me to give you the features of the Pro modus (information about words we are looking for) for free.

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Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars is a very entertaining History Channel TV Show, but it's also a fun game on Facebook.

In the game, you have your own Pawn shop, and you can bargain with customers to try and get the best price for items that you can then sell straight away, or restore up broken items.

Each object has it's own value, and you can pay an expert to get to know the value of that object. Unfortunately, you have to pay the expert; so I decided to create some screenshots of the game where the expert tells you the value, create a custom cross-linked catalogue, and allow you to browse and find connected items or values for the items you are seeking.

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Here you can purchase applications I've created (like the MySQL File Manager).

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View the top-rated applications for sale.

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Top Paid

View the most sold non-free (paid) applications.

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Top Free

View the most downloaded free applications.

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